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Swing Frame Grinders

Swing Frame Grinders

Swing-frame grinder can be simply explained as any power driven rotatable grinding, polishing, or buffing wheel mounted in such a manner that the wheel with its supporting framework can be manipulated over stationary objects. Experience has shown that swing frame wheels can increase productivity 5 to 9 times over conventional portables. Mostly Swing Frame Grinders are used for high speed removal of gates and risers of heavy duty castings, forgings or fabricated parts which are difficult to move. These grinders are powered by a continuous duty TEFC squirrel cage low power consuming induction motor through a multiple "V" belt drive with single or double step belt adjustment. They are designed to work under severe duty environments. All the rotating parts in Amber Swing frame grinders being dynamically balanced the vibration is negligible. Deep groove sealed and appropriately greased bearings with normal clearance are fitted on the wheel shaft.

At the front end of the grinder; two handles are welded for handling the grinder while grinding. The grinding wheel is protected with the covers and the 'V' Belts with sheet metal belt guards. Robust and balanced fabrication minimises the transmission of vibrations to the operator. Above all; ergonomic design and length suitable for attaining a comfortable to-and-fro motion are taken care for developing Amber Swing Frame Grinders. Use of Swing Frame Grinders is for Stone finish, Automotive industry, Construction Industry , Wind power Industry, Railway Industry , Foundry-Forging Industry, Shipyards, Heat treatment, etc.

Product specification

  • Wheel Sizes : 012, 16, 18, 20 & 24 Inches
  • Wheel Speed : 2200 RPM
  • Motor :1.5 KW to 11 KW (Depends of wheel size)
  • Motor Speed : 1500 RPM at 50 Hz
  • Voltage Supply : 415 V or as per requirement