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Single And Abrasive Belt Grinders

Single And Abrasive Belt Grinders

Single End Abrasive Belt Grinders manufactured at Amber are direct motor drive belt grinders which have extended and threaded shaft on which the serrated contact rubber wheel can be directly mounted and the attachments for mounting, tensioning and resting the belt can be mounted on the motor side cover. The direct drive motors attached to these belt grinders are of lower HP as the load is only single sided. The belt tensioning arm can be tilted easily from 0 to 90 degrees as per the application. The rotary ON – OFF Switch is directly mounted on the connecting box of the motor. This single end belt grinder can also be mounted on the tool post of a conventional lathe.

Belt tensioning can easily be done by just pulling down the handle which is loaded on a spring. A belt adjusting knob helps to easily adjust the belt on the wheel. A serrated contact rubber wheel behind the abrasive belt helps to effortlessly ground and finish castings, forgings, hardware, kitchenware, metal fabricated parts, plastic parts, glass edges, etc. Other than standard single end belt grinders Amber can also manufacture customized belt grinders suitable for any particular application.

Product specification

  • HP : 1 to 5,
  • Phase : 3
  • Voltage :415 V
  • Frequency : 50 Hz
  • RPM : 3000
  • Abrasive Belt Size : 2000 X 50 & 3500 X 50mm
  • Contact Wheels : 8, 10, 14 & 16 Inches