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Quality Control

Quality Control

"AMBER" Motors are being produced in our modern and well equipped factory. Factory is equipped with latest testing, machining and inspection facilities as per IS & IEC for Electric Motors. The adoption of latest techniques in designing and developing, rigid quality control at all stages, use of best grade electric, magnetic and insulating materials have helped in raising the image of AMBER as a quality and long life product maker.


All the standard 'Amber' motors are manufactured with Class F insulation which means at the Ambient temperature of 45°C the temperature rise of the winding may be maximum 100°C with an additional temperature margin of 10°C. But the maximum permissible temperature rise of 'Amber' motors is limited to class B which allows 25°C reserve thermal capacity in the motor as a result helping to maintain integrity of the insulation and lengthening the life of the motor. Winding Designs for all the motors at Amber and developed under latest software for electrical designs. This software critically helps to develop most accurate winding design providing the report of resulting parameters and obviously helps to reduce trial and error time for developing and applying new winding designs and also helps for electrical customization to develop motors for specific applications like motors with any type of given supply voltage & frequency, high or low output torque, specific winding temperature, specific efficiency or power factor,etc. Designs have been evolved which have ample reserve torque, high stating torque, high efficiency and power factor, capable of operating satisfactorily in fluctuating loads and supply voltage. The stators of all the 'Amber' motors are wound with modified polyester enameled copper wire (IS 13730, Part 03, Thermal Class 155°C) and are impregnated by pouring oven baked varnish.All insulations are tested at high voltage as per IS : 325-1996 and IEC 60034-2-1. 'Amber' motors are rated for continuous duty (S1 – Duty) at an ambient temperature of 45 degrees C and altitude up to 1000 meters above-mean sea level and relative humidity of 100%.


Amber motors are manufactured in a robust and rugged cast iron and aluminium frames with integral feet and integral bearing covers (upto 200 Frame). The cooling fins are designed to maximize heat transfer and to minimize the accumulation of liquids and dust over the motor. The motor feet are completely solid for better mechanical strength, allowing easier alignment and installation. Motors at Amber are manufactured in standardized construction sizes and standardized frame sizes according to IEC 60072-1 and EN 50347 standards.The terminal box provided for standard motors is of die cast aluminum alloy or of Nylon. All joints in terminal box are sealed with gaskets. The degree protection provided is IP55 and IP54.According to IEC 60034-6, all Amber motors are cooled using method IC 411, ie. "surface-cooled machine using the ambient air circulating round the machine". suitable to perform at optimum level even at variable speeds. Deep groove sealed (2Z) normal clearance ball bearings filled with mineral oil based, lithium soap thickened grease are used in every motor of Amber. Rubber dust gaskets (V-ring) are placed in front and rear covers. The nominal bearing life L10h (Basic rating life in hours) is 20000 or 40000 hours in conformance with maximum radial and axial loads. When direct coupled to the load (without axial or radial thrusts), the L10h bearing life is 50000 hours. Best quality stacked Decarburized laminations created by using Silicon Steel, also known as electrical steel, is steel with silicon added to it are used in all Amber motors. The rotors used in Amber motors are aluminium pressure die-casted with standard EC grade aluminium and skewed while die-casting to correct angles. These rotors are inserted on knurled motor shafts with hydraulic power press thus resulting to bare any type of starting jerks, instant reverse-forward direction jerks, inching jerks or high speed at any time.The shaft used in standard Amber motors are made of C40(EN8) steel. Shafts of each and every Amber motor are cylindrically grinded with drive end size tolerance + 5 µm and the bearing fit sizes as per K5 tolerances. The rotors of all Amber motors are dynamically balanced on computerized machines at a mean speed in the keyway of the shaft extension with a half sized key (half-key balancing) according to standard IS12075/IEC 60034-14 and ISO 9921/ ISO 8821 norms ultimately resulting in longer machine life. The amplitude of vibration will be within the limit as specified in IS : 12075 : 1986. Stator laminations are housed in a sturdy enclosure and held securely by press to remove magnetic noise. In every Amber electric motor the total sound power emission is controlled considering a combination of three uncorrelated noise sources acting together which are magnetic, cooling, and mechanical or rotational noise sources. Vibration levels of Amber Electric motors are within normal limits and meet the standard provisions mentioned in IEC 60034- 14.


All Amber motors are strictly tested as per IS 325 (1996) and IEC 60034-1 (2004) with all the latest, periodically calibrated and highly accurate testing equipments. Following are the tests conducted at Amber.

Normally type test is performed on one of the motors in a series of similar motor or a batch of production of same motors. On special request of the customer all the motors in a batch can also be type tested. Type tests in Amber are carried out on a well equipped computerized auto testing system with voltage variac where motor is coupled with the respective dynamometer and following tests are performed

1. Resistance Test

2. High Voltage Test

3. Insulation Resistance Test

4. No Load Test

5. Locked Rotor Test

6. Load Test

Load test Parameters



Watt Loss



Power Factor


Pull out Torque

7. Temperature rise test

8. Reduced Voltage test

9. Temporary Overload test