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Manual Bench Grinders

Manual Bench Grinders

Bench grinders are a horizontal motor with a spindle at each end. They can sharpen a woodworking chisel or a chipped lawnmower blade, restore the damaged end of a wrecking bar, or remove rust from an old weathervane, keep lathe and drill bits in great condition. While higher HP Bench Grinders can deburr castings and forgings even at high pressure. Robust and rugged cast iron construction of Amber Bench Grinders ensure its long life. Ample space between body and wheels helps operator to grind even odd shaped or long end jobs. The rotor of the Amber Bench Grinders being precisely dynamically balanced ensures vibration & noise free working.

Though having no cooling facility these grinders do not get heated even after continuous us e because the winding in all grinders manufactured at Amber are Insulated with Class ‘B’ insulation which protects them against high temperature rise. Deep grooved, double sealed and self lubricated normal clearance ball bearings are assembled at K5 tolerance on the EN8 steel shaft in each and every bench grinders. For operator’s safety and easy working heavy duty cast iron wheel guards are fitted on the sides with appropriate eye shields and adjustable M. S. Tool rest. For higher HP grinders SG (Steel Graded) casted wheel covers are fitted. For easy ON-OFF rotary switches are installed in every Amber Bench Grinders. Fabricated stand and DOL starter can also be provided on request.

Product specification

  • Range : 0.37 KW to 3.7 KW
  • Phase : 3
  • Supply Voltage :415, 380, 220 or as per requirement
  • Supply Frequency : 50 Hz, 60 Hz or as per requirement
  • Poles : 2 & 4
  • Insulation : F Class
  • Wheel Sizes : 8 X 1 Inches to 12 X 1.5 Inches