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About US

We are in electrical field since 1938. In beginning stage we were attending work of electric fittings and we started our retail shop in 1984.
Second shop was started in 1967 and after 6 years, i.e. in the year of 1973 we established factory of manufacturing just 5 motors per month, which is now 1200 motors per month.
During these 40 plus years, our production activities are spreaded due to our quality and our attitude with our customers. Once our motor is used, our customer never turns for any other motor.
From the year of 1985, we have also started Electric Control Panel Boards
At present, we have 6 storied show room having 12000sq. ft. area in the heart of the city. There are our 3 show rooms and 3 manufacturing units and our family members manage all the firms. All the business activities are supervised and handled with sound and efficient team of our 16 family members and there is giant group of 150 employees. We are having 65 years experience and this is our 4th generation in the electrical field. Many of our family members are electrical engineers and being control of family members, our customers get prompt and reliable services and quality.
We believe that only sincere and honest efforts result in such success and we always look for further achievements and goals.
The Motto of organisation is to provide complete consumer satisfaction through quality in products using better & better technology and providing best services for the fulfilment of this vision. Amber Engineering Enterprise would go beyond the returns of engineering fields offering the products of highest quality. The cost factor has never been a barrier for Amber to produce & supply quality products. Continuous supply to and being the first preference of major domestic OEMS & EOUs since 4 decades supports the vision of the organization. Besides 90% of the buyers of Amber Motors & Aman Panels being OEMs & EOUs which have technical persons preferring best quality it seems that the above vision would never defragment from company's mind.


Our mission is to produce the highest quality product, satisfy customer requirements, and provide rewarding employment in a profitable growth environment, while supporting the community.


It is the policy of the Amber to assure the lowest environmental impacts of its products and production processes by being in compliance with the applicable environmental legislation, improving continuously through the establishment of environmental goals and targets, acting preventively with the aim of protecting the environment in which it is inserted, employing eco-efficient processes and products, thus preserving natural resources.


Ensure the development, production and sales of products and services with greater efficiency and continuous improvement of our business processes, meeting regulatory requirements and allowing the reduction of energy consumption and impacts on the energy matrix.

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Amber Engineering Founder

Our Motto is Trusted Relationship & Quality with Timeliness

Mr. Nitin B. Mehta

Mr. Rajesh B. Mehta
Co Founder

Mr. Bhaven R. Mehta

Mr. Hardik R. Mehta